A little history about DVBTV

Back in November 1999 I bought my TechnoTrend DVB-s card. The main reason was to speed up my Internet connection. Living in a small village, Internet via cable or ADSL were still far away and since I already owned a satellite receiver, Internet via sat seemed like a logical alternative.

At first Internet via sat was like a dream come true, but after a while Europe Online (the ISP) introduced a bandwidth limit of about 500kbps. This was still ok, of course not as much fun as the 1500+kbps rates achieved during the first few months, but still a whole lot faster than ISDN. From that time on things have only gotten worse though.. even my ISDN connection is faster nowadays.

In April of 2000 I bought the CI interface add on for the TechnoTrend card which, in combination with a CAM, made it possible to finally watch the Dutch channels (I'm Dutch). At that time, the only TV software available were the software that came with the card and Overdrive's WinDVBLive. Neither of these applications completely satisfied me.

Nowadays there's WinDVBLive2000, MultiDec, Uhura's TV Application, DVBControl, WatchTVPro and Doc_s' BtTT DVB (which merged with WinDVBLive2000). Yet, I believe that there's room for at least one more application.

DVBTV will be based on the latest TechnoTrend API (currently v3.2). That means that if the original software works, DVBTV should work as well. The idea is that it should be possible to control the software via a remote control. All menus, event info, epg, etc. will be shown via OSD.









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