Although some may think that the project will never see the light of day, here's some proof that DVBTV is still alive 'n kicking. In fact, I'm using it on an almost daily basis.

During the last couple of weeks DVBTV has gone through a number of major internal changes. As a result of these changes the code has become a lot more readable and therefore easier to maintain.
Other than the internal changes, you'll notice the new button layout and the introduction of a new button, Recall. The Recall-button is used to return to the previous selected channel.
You'll also notice the introduction of the Debug-menu. The Debug-menu allows you to set DVBTV in debug mode and get more info on what's going on behind the scenes. It also gives you the opportunity to show the PAT, NIT, PMT and SDT tables of the currently selected channel.

At the moment I'm optimizing the channel search routine, once that is completed I'll release the first beta.



Theoretically, 2147483647 possible favorites, each holding 2147483647 possible channels (if the available RAM permits). Should anyone have a problem with that, then without too much trouble I could update that to 4294967295 for each (after seriously questioning her/his sanity :)).

Anyone out there willing to verify these figures? (Just kidding :))


OSD Channellist.


For those who thought it couldn't be done. Proprietary Canal+ current/next info. Confirmed to be working on Canal Digitaal, Canal Satellite & Kiosk, Canal SatÚlite & Taquilla, D+ & Palco.

Proprietary Canal+ current/next info.


A first look at the main menu. All menus will use this layout.


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